summer snapshots

Summer is finally here... and I swear before we all blink, it'll be over! I have already heard rumblings of back to school shopping. 

Summers are really so short and there are so few of them before the kids are off and grown beyond the magic of a summer day. So to help you document summer, here's a list of 50 things to think about doing this summer and photographing to help you remember what a special time it can be.


1.       making s'mores

2.      water balloon fights

3.      local parades

4.      carnival rides

5.      playing baseball

6.      backyard BBQ

7.      flying a kite

8.      zoo trip

9.      swimming in the pool on giant floats

10.   train ride

11.    watching a professional baseball team

12.    campfires

13.   getting a pedicure

14.   playground in the park

15.   flowers

16.   riding bikes

17.    farmer's markets

18.   toes in the ocean and sand

19.   sleeping kids

20.  floor forts

21.    rainy day reading or coloring

22.   playing tag

23.   sidewalk chalk drawings

24.   fishing

25.   building sandcastles

26.   blowing bubbles

27.   watching clouds

28.  collection of rocks or shells

29.   front yard lemonade stand

30.  garage sale

31.   ice cream sundaes

32.   hula hoops

33.   making paper airplanes

34.   baking cookies

35.   gardening

36.   eating watermelon

37.   strawberry picking

38.  scraped up knees and hands

39.   sunrise and sunset

40.  catching fireflies

41.   jumping off the diving board

42.   splashing in the ocean waves

43.   climbing a tree

44.   washing the car

45.   a hike and the view from the top

46.   scavenger hunt

47.   tie-dying shirts

48.  trip to local aquarium

49.   watching fireworks

50.  shooting hoops


51. one bonus one... back to school shopping. It'll be September before we know it!

First Smile Photos

Melissa Barca

located in Westchester County, NY