Located in Yonkers, Westchester County, NY. I specialize in family portraits (newborns, children, families) and professional headshots. Whether you are looking for a formal portrait to hang in the living room or a lifestyle shoot in home to remember the first weeks with a new baby, I am ready to work with you and your vision. Please contact me at firstsmilephotos@gmail.com.

Hi there, my name is Melissa.

Here’s a few things to help you get to know me better:


My family is the most important thing. I am so lucky to have an amazing guy who loves me and will do anything to help me. He is my rock. 


I have 3 kids: a boy and two girls. They are all equal parts amazing, smart, funny and crazy. I see streaks of myself when I argue with them. I wouldn’t want them any other way. It is my joy to watch them grow.


I have an ever changing number of fish, crabs and shrimp. I only agreed to the massive tank because I love the water and it’s the closest I get to the beach most of the year.


I work late at night. Like, I put the kids to bed and start working by 11pm so it’s not weird to get an email from me at 2am. It’s when I edit and function best.


Equally, I’m not a morning person. Morning would be better if it started around noon.


I love chocolate and ice cream. It’s a weakness.


I love coffee but haven’t had it in forever… I found out that was my trigger for migraines. I’m now a serious tea drinker.


I love online shopping. I'm pretty sure I'm keeping Amazon and the USPS in business.


I am loud. I learned how to project my voice when I was much younger and apparently, that’s a skill I never lost. It comes out most often when I’m calling my kids or when I’m laughing. I have learned not to apologize for it but rather, to embrace it.


I expect to have joy every day. Some days it's easy and some days it takes work to find the happiness, but it is always there. 


I try my best not to stress about much. People ask me how I’m always so calm. My friends know if I’m not, there’s probably a pretty good reason!


I love to travel. Sometimes to places that are familiar and sometimes on new adventures. Traveling has given me perspective like nothing else can.


I went to a woman’s college. It taught me the strength that comes in building up women and building strong, lifelong friendships. 


I love horses and the ocean. I don’t spend nearly enough time with either of them anymore.


Most importantly, I believe in creating memories. We don’t have any promised days here and I want to make sure to capture some of the best moments. I believe photographs show the beauty of life, captured in the details.

First Smile Photos

Melissa Barca


located in Westchester County, NY