autumn family sessions - looking your best

Autumn is one of the most popular times of the year for portrait sessions. After all, nature is doing its thing with vibrant colors, and you get a chance to really play up your wardrobe with accessories in the crisp weather. Remember that these sessions are beautiful and fun - what a great combination!


1. Make use of accessories and clothing that play up the "autumn" feeling. For example, leather boots, cable knit scarves and comfy cardigans, blazers and hats look amazing on the whole family and can really bring a picture to life. Stick with a neutral palette with colors that blend seamlessly into autumn’s spectrum: earthy reds, burnt oranges, creamy nude, etc. The post next week will cover some clothing color ideas for the whole family.


2. Timing is everything. We are just starting to really hit the shift between summer and fall, no matter what the calendar says! The leaves have started changing so it’s time to book now.


3. Location is everything. We’re going to play outside in the gorgeous weather. I have a lot of locations to choose from that have particularly pretty backdrops. I'm also open to your suggestions.


4. Plan for a mid-afternoon to early-evening session, when the light is just gorgeous. The days are shorter in the fall, so we need to plan accordingly to get that golden hour light.


5. Play in the environment. I may have you throw leaves up into the air or something similar. Remember, this shoot is all about capturing your family bond and having fun, so let loose and get into the season!


6. Pack the necessities. It can get chilly in autumn, so you may want to bring some necessities on hand. I recommend a lip balm, moisturizer, warm packs for your hands, tissues, and, of course, warm apparel.


7. Wear comfortable shoes and accessories that fit the season. Think riding boots or comfy, fur-lined boots. Since we're going to be outside, we'll probably do lots of walking. If those boots look amazing, but kill your feet, don’t wear them. Loafers and flats can also work perfectly. If the scarf looks adorable on your son, but it scratches his face and makes him unhappy, it's better left out. If you’re not comfortable in your outfit, it will show in your pictures.

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Melissa Barca

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