what to wear - fall photos

Some advice on looking your best at your fall photo session.


Be comfortable in whatever it is that you choose. It will show through, for example, if you're self conscious in the shirt or if the boots are too tight. So I always start with be comfortable. Now that I've said that, I'm going to slightly contradict myself. Overdressed is always better than underdressed. In life and in pictures. It's easy to be lazy and come in whatever, but being a little fancy can change the whole feel of the photos. If you look like a million bucks, it can help you to feel like a million bucks. And those photos are priceless. 


Neutral colors work best this time of year with the leaves. I don't recommend everyone wearing the same exact outfit. Matchy-matchy where everyone wears the same outfit really isn't the best choice. Color coordinated is always better in my opinion. I suggest from my own experience to start with coordinating the kids outfits and build from there. Keep it simple and choose no more than 4, at most 5 colors or tones to work with. For example, maroon, navy, white and khaki. Or denim, olive, ivory, brown. 


Ladies, don't wear a bright bra. Nude works best. You don't want to ruin an amazing shot with a bright pink strap hanging out or worse, being able to see through your shirt and seeing the polka dots! Boring is better for the short time you're doing pictures.


Remember that the outfits can be jazzed up with layers and accessories, especially at this time of year. Break out the scarves, the boots, etc. They can also pull outfits together and help to show off individual personalities. 


And my final piece of advice on coordinating: once you have all the clothes and outfits and accessories, throw it all on the bed together. If it looks good no matter how they are mixed together, it will look good in a photograph.


Treat yourself. No matter your budget, I ask that you look as good as you can. Moms, this is for you. You always put everyone else first but this is a day that you will want to have in memories, so make yourself look your best. Get that haircut or coloring you've been putting off or the nice blowout. Get your eyebrows waxed and your nails done. Spend time on your makeup. Yes, family photos are expensive and everyone is on a budget. At the same time, because you don't do these pictures all the time, make the most of your session and get the best photos.


All the planning in the world and you will still not get perfect pictures... because there's no such thing! And it doesn't matter if the kids aren't all looking at the camera or if your hair doesn't look exactly as you planned. Being comfortable, confident and happy will shine through. Those are the best photos.


On that note, you get what you pay for: hire a professional. Hire someone who is happy, personable, and patient, and make sure you love their style. Check out their work and remember that you are making an investment in your family. These are the pictures you send out with the Christmas cards. Skip your Starbucks or Dunkin' for a few weeks and get some professional family photos you really love.

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Melissa Barca


located in Westchester County, NY